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Writing a Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan

A business will only succeed if you have a good plan. A business plan is usually projected over three to five years and will map out:

  • What your business is
  • What your market is
  • How you intend to finance your business
  • How you will grow your business
  • How you will advertise and promote your business

By identifying these key areas you can then project how your business will develop.

Be mindful that things don’t always work out the way you intended, so you’ll need to build some flexibility into your plan.

Why do I need a business plan?

Primarily it is for you, both as a guide and a check on how well prepared you are to start and grow a sustainable business. Without a well written and structured business plan you may find it difficult to get finance for your business. A bank will insist on a business plan before providing financial backing.

How can the TDA help?

Our advisors are experts in creating effective and realistic business plans. We can offer you individual business support, where our advisors can go through your plan step by step and provide guidance. Mentoring is also available for certain businesses, including support with adapting your business plan to meet your changing needs as your business develops.

We can also advise you on other free business support programmes available.

Our advisors can also help to factor in other elements to your plan, including:

  • Selling overseas
  • Ecommerce and online retail
  • Social media promotion and marketing

To find out what support is available book an appointment with one of our advisors now.


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