Case Study: Fuelled By Liv

Business Profile

Fuelled By Liv is a cafe serving up a regularly changing menu, using the best local and seasonal produce on offer. Professional catering, meal prep service, private and sporting events covered.


Professional Catering


Chilton Polden, Somerset.

TDA Business Support

Delivered as part of the ERDF Support Plan:

  • Business review to help identify key issues and possible solutions
  • Recommendations to aid the development of the business or proposed new business
  • Funding opportunities
  • Networking support.


Local Somerset businesswoman Olivia Taylor initially studied Molecular Biology before deciding to pursue a career that could tie in her love for food, with her passion for health, sport and fitness.

Frustrated by the lack of good, nutritious, healthy food available on event days, keen cyclist and triathlete Liv, made it her mission to start providing food for fellow athletes. Training from the prestigious Ashburton Chefs Academy led to pop-up food stands at sports events, supplying local businesses with ‘Fuelled By Liv’ produce, private catering and her own café next to a gym complex.


The Challenge

When Liv got in touch with Phil she had been trading for around five months and had heard about an opportunity to run a café. Liv had a clear idea of what she could sell, and an incredible talent for producing food that was already delivering on exactly what was in demand, and trending amongst athletes and food lovers.

Ready to take on an exciting business venture Liv was provided with independent business advice.


The Solution

Liv met with Somerset Business Advisor Phil Riste after finding out about the support available from TDA Business online. A diagnostic session provided a chance for Liv to outline the opportunities she had ahead. The initial meeting was used to discuss the implications, and best approach to creating a robust plan as Liv embarked on taking on new premises, and opening the cafe.

Phil Riste explained:

“Fuelled By Liv, is a fantastic proposition, combined with Liv’s incredible talent to produce amazing food. We were able to discuss business formalities and day-to-day business planning. Liv has a fantastic entrepreneurial mind-set and the café venture was an exciting opportunity to expand.”

“Meeting with Liv the support was given via a ‘Support Plan.’ This carries out a review of the business to help identify key issues and possible solutions, and make recommendations to aid the development of the business or proposed new business. Working through the support plan with Liv and seeing the results from what she has wanted to achieve is what our help, advice and guidance is all about.”

“We were able to review cash flow forecasting and take into consideration set-up costs, outgoings and also legal requirements for the premises. As the prospective space required a change of use, we discussed practicalities and spend required to get the site fit for purpose.”

Meeting with Liv also created an opportunity to discuss business promotion, challenges and discuss the abundance of resources available to start-up businesses. Grant funding is something that we will always review in relation to new businesses if there is relevant funding pots suitable that could be considered.

Speaking about her business and the support received from Phil, Liv explained:

“Fuelled By Liv provides me with daily challenges and it has been a steep learning curve that I have relished. The advice I received from Phil put me on the right track. It got me thinking about areas of the business I needed to review and consider before expanding to the café at Chilton Polden.”


The Future


Fuelled By Liv is proving a popular destination for regular customers using the nearby gym, and is attracting a steady number of new customers. The café has received fantastic reviews online and has a great social following.

TDA are delighted to have been able to support Liv and provide help and assistance under the ERDF Start Up and Grow programme. We look forward to spending more time with Liv and watching Fuelled By Liv continue on its exciting business journey.

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You can visit Fuelled By Liv at: 21 Broadway, Chilton Polden, Somerset. TA7 9DR.

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