Growing Your Business

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your first year and your business is well established. But the point of starting a business is to grow and prosper. So once you’ve got your enterprise ticking over, how do you progress to the next level?

 How do I grow my business?

There are several things you can do to grow your business:

Our Business Advisors can help you with each stage of the journey, so that your business grows at a sustainable rate.

What’s next?

A development or growth plan can help you chart your next steps. It’s an opportunity to revisit your original business plan and course-correct if necessary.

Didn’t get the financing you planned for originally? Then now is a perfect chance to look for additional funding to develop your business. This can help with the other aspects such as training, expanding into new premises, or developing your online presence.

It’s also now the right time to think about expanding your market. You may currently be selling services or goods purely to local customers. But developing an e-commerce site could help you start trading further afield. A move to larger premises could give you the chance to expand your range, or increase efficiency by investing in new equipment. This in turn could lead to a growth in sales.

How can the TDA help?

Our Business Advisors are committed to helping your business grow and expand. They provide advice on financing, developing a superfast online business, exporting and training. We can put you in touch with financial advisors who can help you to streamline your operation. This could make you more efficient and consequently, more profitable.

Contact us now to arrange your free, 1-hour Business Plan health check, or your free, 1-hour diagnostic with our Business Advisors. Email [email protected] for more information.